About Us

Our Mission

Stewardship of the U.S. nuclear deterrent is our foremost responsibility. We integrate science, technology, engineering, and facilities to meet the nation’s objective of a modern stockpile that is smaller, more secure, and more effective, while actively collaborating with partners within the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) complex and beyond.

To refurbish the aging U.S. nuclear stockpile and to support changes in military requirements, Livermore is leading the design activities for two U.S. stockpile modernization programs – the life extension of the W80-4 warhead, which will be paired with the new long-range standoff missile, and the modification of the W87-1 warhead, which will be paired with the new Sentinel ICBM. The W80-4 warhead will be the first since the end of nuclear testing in 1992 to be paired with a new delivery system, and the W87-1 will be the first complete rebuild of a nuclear warhead in that same quarter-century timeframe.

The ongoing Stockpile Stewardship Program and the hands-on nature of the U.S. nuclear weapons modernization efforts is extremely important to maintaining confidence in the nation's ability to address nuclear security needs by exercising our workforce and forging partnerships with our partners in the nuclear security enterprise, industry, and academia.

Our Programs

Explore SD’s four key program areas to learn more about how each contributes to the success of our mission.​

Our People: Mission Critical

Our team is deeply committed to the success of LLNL’s national security mission and related programs.

SD is looking for talented, innovative people who take pride in their work and want to contribute to national security challenges. Our staff’s expertise includes a broad range of scientific disciplines—from weapons engineering, and plasma physics, to materials sciences and high-performance computing. We offer a variety of employment opportunities including career positions, postdoctoral research, and summer programs for students.

Our Partners

We actively collaborate with our production partners and other DOE national laboratories, academic institutions, and industry to tackle challenging problems in support of national security and basic science. These collaborative projects serve as a force multiplier, resulting in outcomes that directly benefit the national security enterprise as well as U.S. economy.

Much of SD's research is conducted in collaboration with other organizations within Lawrence Livermore. Career opportunities also exist through LLNL’s discipline organizations in engineering, physical and life sciences, and computing.​


Sierra supercomputer

Supercomputer Collaboration 

Advancing the frontier of supercomputing architecture with industrial partners


Flight test of Minuteman III missle

Department of Defense Support 

Supporting critical Department of Defense (DOD) missions such as remote high-speed diagnostics during flight tests


Engineers studying equipment in action

Production Partnerships 

Accelerating technology development to meet challenging schedules


Our Legacy


E.O. Lawrence, Edward Teller, Herbert York

E.O. Lawrence, Edward Teller, and Herbert F. York


Our working philosophy …called for always pushing at the technological extremes.”

—Herbert F. York, LLNL’s first director

From our beginnings in weapon design and testing to stockpile stewardship and modernization without testing, the pursuit of big ideas and spirit of innovation still run deep in our veins.

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