Nuclear Deterrence

Keeping Our Nation and Our World Safe

Livermore’s foremost responsibility is to ensure the performance of the nation’s nuclear arsenal, an essential component of nuclear deterrence that keeps the U.S. safe.

Properly sustained U.S. nuclear deterrence helps prevent attacks against the United States, allies, and partners and the return to the frequent Great Power warfare of past centuries. In the absence of U.S. nuclear deterrence, the United States, allies, and partners would be vulnerable to coercion and attack by adversaries who retain or expand nuclear arms and increasingly lethal non-nuclear capabilities. Until the “fundamental transformation of the world political order” takes place, U.S. nuclear weapons remain necessary to prevent war and safeguard the Nation.

– 2018 Nuclear Posture Review​

Stockpile Stewardship Program

Stockpile of Today

Lawrence Livermore is the lead design agency for three warhead systems currently active in the U.S. nuclear stockpile: the B83, W80-1, and W87-0. Each year, through the annual assessment process, we complete needed surveillance, testing, and analysis activities to assert to the nation these systems are safe, secure, and effective without nuclear testing.

Images of the B83, W80-1, and W87-0 with a blue sky background

Stockpile of Tomorrow

LLNL is the lead design agency for two stockpile modernization programs, the W87-1 Modification Program (W87-1 Mod) and W80-4 Life Extension Program (W80-4 LEP). ​

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Cylindrical objects with words W80-4 Life Extension Program

Stockpile of the Future

We are working to deliver the deterrent in advance of the threat. This means providing strategic options for our country; using the amazing tools of stockpile stewardship to expand the options we can confidently certify; and ultimately working faster! We are leaning on transformational partnerships; pre-eminent science, technology, and engineering; and a world-class workforce to accelerate our timelines.