Our Partners

Partnerships that Achieve National Security Impact

Collaborative partnerships are critical to SD’s mission of supporting U.S. strategic deterrence.

SD partners with a variety of national security stakeholders in industry, academia, and government organizations to understand, anticipate, and respond quickly to some of the most complex national security challenges.

Inspiring Innovation Through Collaboration

SD’s role in advancing deterrent capabilities and stockpile stewardship efforts relies on collaborating with institutions that bring diverse perspectives, capabilities, tools, creativity, and scientific and engineering prowess. Together, SD and our partners are able to pioneer new technologies and approaches that can anticipate and address the increasing complexity of potential multi-domain and multi-adversary threats.

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Academic and Research Institutions

SD staff collaborate with academic and research institutions on cutting-edge research initiatives that not only highlight the critical work being done at the nation’s top labs, but also support the development of the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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Industry partners leverage SD’s unique expertise and resources through sponsored research and development projects that solve technical challenges unable to be addressed in the private sector and accelerates technological advancements that enhance U.S. economic competitiveness.

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Engagement and cross-collaboration with the science and operations programs internal to Lawrence Livermore creates a symbiotic approach to nurturing innovation and transformational technologies.

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Education programs sponsored by SD help educate and train future scientists and engineers, and diversify the future talent pipeline.

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Sponsors and 
Federal Agencies

NNSA, DOD, and other government agencies rely on SD’s technical resources and facilities to better understand, anticipate, and respond to national security needs.

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As a design agency responsible for the science and technology efforts for assessing an aging nuclear weapons stockpile, SD works closely with production agencies across the National Security Enterprise (NSE) to streamline and accelerate stockpile modernization efforts.

Trusted Partner to a Full Spectrum of National Security Stakeholders

Our partners rely on SD’s unique expertise, resources, and entrepreneurial spirit to strengthen our national security.

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