Computing Facilities

A National Leader

Home to several top-ranked supercomputers—Sierra, Sequoia, Lassen, and soon, El Capitan, the NNSA’s first exascale system—the Livermore Computing Complex offers state-of-the-art simulations and predictive data expertise for over 3,000 LLNL scientists and engineers working to meet national security missions and advance science and technology initiatives.​

LLNL’s world-class, high-performance computing (HPC) environment features evolving hardware and software resources, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and HPC expertise applied to porting, running, and tuning large-scale applications. ​

scientist standing in front of a large screen viewing a simulation

Facility Spotlight

Computing and simulation operations are conducted in remotely monitored and controlled computer rooms located across the LLNL site. The largest facility—48,000 square feet—offers over one acre of floor space for computing with 37.5 MW power for systems and peripherals and additional power for machine cooling. Engineering and facilities staff maintain this LEED-certified facility alongside operations staff working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Photo of El Capitan server room

El Capitan

Scheduled to arrive in 2023, El Capitan will offer the power to perform more than two exaflops (or two quintillion floating point operations per second), providing simulations to support nuclear deterrence, weapon modernization, biosecurity research, advanced manufacturing optimization, and more.

a room full of computer servers


Sierra offers over five times the power efficiency and sustained scalable scientific performance of its predecessor, Sequoia, to support work in counterterrorism, nonproliferation, and other national challenges.

The Most Computing Power in the U.S. 

LLNL Computing Power in Petaflops (1015 floating-point operations per second):

motorcycle icon MAGMA Supercomputer
sport car icon RUBY Supercomputer
jet plane icon LASSEN Supercomputer
B21 bomber icon SEQUOIA Supercomputer
comet icon SIERRA Supercomputer
UAP icon EL CAPITAN Supercomputer